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Pennsylvania operations

Pennsylvania operating facts

With more than 200 employees, XTO Energy operates in 15 counties and holds more than 527,000 acres in Pennsylvania.

PA map

Acreage: 527,893

Production: 270 million cubic feet of gas per day

Pipeline Facilities: XTO operates a natural gas liquids facility in Butler County. The 340-acre facility includes 40 miles of connecting pipeline with two compressor stations feeding the facility and is designed to treat approximately 125 million cubic feet of natural gas per day.

Employees: 223

Offices: Clarksburg, Delmont, Indiana, Montoursville, Rochester Mills and Warrendale (Appalachia Division Headquarters)

Operating Areas (Counties): 15

Taxes: In 2015, XTO and ExxonMobil paid more than $3 million in taxes to the state of Pennsylvania.

Community investment in Pennsylvania:
In 2015, XTO and ExxonMobil invested $3.5 million in higher education, medical care, environmental research, and arts and civic organizations in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania State Regulatory Agencies:
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources