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Understand the trends that shape global energy supply and demand and see how ExxonMobil helps improve standards of living for people worldwide with the following resources.

Annual report

We delivered solid financial and operating results despite challenging and volatile economic and geopolitical conditions, as highlighted by earnings of $32.5 billion and an industry-leading return on average capital employed of 16.2 percent.

Corporate Citizenship Report

This report is an opportunity to reaffirm the commitments we make to our shareholders, employees, customers and communities regarding our corporate citizenship performance.

Energy Outlook

The Outlook for Energy is our long-term global view of energy demand and supply. Its findings help guide our long-term investments, and we share The Outlook to help promote better understanding of the issues shaping the world’s energy future.

Financial & Operating Review

Our 2015 results demonstrate the value of our strategy and relentless focus on business fundamentals. We achieved strong safety and environmental performance, and our integrated businesses generated solid cash flow to support our investment program and industry-leading shareholder distributions.

ExxonMobil Perspectives

In talking with people about ExxonMobil and energy issues, there are as many viewpoints shared as there are dimensions to the energy challenges we face. Energy is a complex industry that generates strong and diverse views.

Energy Factor

Sponsored by ExxonMobil, Energy Factor uncovers the untold stories that ultimately matter to all of us as we develop safer and more reliable energy sources for the future. We highlight the communities and visionaries we collaborate with both in the U.S. and abroad to bring you informed, entertaining, and unexpected content.